Stunning Colored-Stone Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, colored gemstones are getting increasingly popular. Here we collect several kinds of colored gemstones.
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Vera Wang 2014 Fall and Winter Collection

Wearing the wedding dress which is designed by Vera Wang is almost every woman’s dream. The cut and style are simple and smooth, not having even the slightest effect of the trend. Each work is like a sculpture handicraft, deceptive beauty is close to the deep degree. Even Hollywood stars and high society debutantes are fall in love with it. Pure and noble qualities has been throughout into the design of the Vera Wang. Use of folds, lace, etc. these traditional wedding dress elements, the characteristic of cloth, smooth skirt, and stereo clipping are quite elegant. Vera Wang said: ‘for a woman, the most important moment in life is to hold a wedding, that is the beginning of the women’s dream. I dream of becoming an outstanding artist, let the wedding dress become a kind of art.’ Vera Wang’s romantic wedding dress style is full of fairy-tale colors: forest, streams, and sunshine, anything can make romantic things is her creative source.

Vera Wang 2014 Fall and Winter Collection Vera Wang 2014 Fall and Winter Collection Vera Wang 2014 Fall and Winter Collection Vera Wang 2014 Fall and Winter Collection Vera Wang 2014 Fall and Winter Collection

Leather Gloves: Elegance in Winter

Winter is coming soon, all the females donnot want to expose their slender hands into cold. So a pair of gloves can warm your hands straight to your heart. The gloves don’t need many embellishments, but just a little bit of decoration can make the whole temperament upgrade. However, the most important is the color should be fitted to the clothes. Short gloves are fitted for everyday use, but if you are a fan of retro, or must attend to a formal occasion, then a pair of long gloves is very necessary. Long gloves is fitted for sleeveless dresses. At the end of a year, there are many activities. So when you take off your coat, a mix of long gloves and sleeveless dress will make you warm and fashion.

Leather Gloves

Leather GlovesRivet gloves matched with rivet handbag show cool and fashion temperament. This is the best choice of night club.

Leather GlovesTwo materials combination creates a different effect. Matched with mist yarn woolen coat reveals a luxury sense. This is the most fitted for matured females to attending formal parties.

Leather GlovesWhile this pair of bowknot leather gloves is solemn but with lovely. The length is perfectly shows the beauty of arms. Matched with fur coat is more elegant and noble.

A New Favorite: Centre Parting Hairstyle

Looking throughout all the mega events, centre parting hairstyles become a new favorite of many celebrities. Centre parting looks so simple, but it can also show an elegant and intellectual temperament. It can highlight the stereo facial features commendably. However, centre parting hairstyles expose your whole face to the outside without any cover. Not all the people dare to try this hairstyles. So the most important thing is finding the one most fitted to yourself. There are many celebrities showing us many different kinds of centre parting hairstyles below.Centre Parting HairstyleSoft straight hair is casually scattered at the back, which makes women more elegant and intellectual. Not many decorations or complicated weaves, it shows simple as well as fashion. Straight hair with centre parting can show the simple better.Centre Parting HairstyleThe big wavy hair usually makes women look so mature and steady. The big waves can hide the broad cheek well so that can make your face look so small. Centre parting can divide the hair to both side averagely.Centre Parting HairstyleShoulder-length hair can easily take care of. Regardless of wavy hair, straight hair or messy hair, centre parting can easily apply in the same way. It can show not only lovely and nimble, but also casual and gentle.Centre Parting HairstyleTying up the hair gives person a feeling of neat and tidy. Centre parting with a strand of hair hang down makes women more gentle and charming. While bundling all hair back of the head makes person more natural and graceful.

Sweet Lolita

Valentino is taking the way of retro court style and the style of otherworldly forest fairy, then its vine-line is also consistent. It is taking the girl version palace style, which like a fanciful little princess who is full of carefree day.

The iconic lace, bowknots and the colorful girl style bring a different feel of sweet Lolita. In the 2014 spring and summer, Red Valentino use pure white, light yellow, printing and other elements to create a pure little princess like a fairy tale.

This season, designers expressed center figure is a young innocent girl. The lush skirts, bowknots, embroideries and floral motifs create a playful and young girl.

Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita Sweet Lolita

Fashionable fur clothing

Winter is coming soon. The weather will be cold, but how can you wear in fashion and warmth? Fur clothing is your best choice. Fur clothing can not only keep warm, but also can wear out a beauty of wild and noble. However, different kinds of fur can show different temperaments. Today I will show you how to use fur clothing to show your fashion.

long fur clothing

long fur clothing

Long and smooth fur gives person a sense of wild. Smooth feeling may make you seem to lay in a warm bed as if stay in mother’s arms, which can give you a sense of safety. And the fur itself has a temperament of noble which can highlights your status.

short fur clothing

short fur clothing

The short and curved fur reveals a lovely feeling. Curved furs make you look like a little tiny animal which make people want to hug with you. Slim person can choose this because it will make you not be emaciated.

fur wasitcoat

fur wasitcoat

Short and soft fur waistcoat design will not make person look so bloated. And you can match different kinds of clothes to wear out different styles. A light-colored T-shirt make you a gentle and wonderful housewife while a blouse reveals a sense of leisure.

7 Tips for Beauty Makeup From Tory Jensen

Tory Jensen is a famous makeup artist in every sense of the world. He has had cooperations with lots of Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie. So we might come and listen to his makeup tips to share with us.
1. Make sure your skin type and color before making up. The oily skin should choose oil-free or matte lotion to render in order to inhibiting the secretion of shiny. However, the dry skin should use moisturizing makeup models to prevent too dry after long-time makeup.
makeup2. Our skin may be darker in summer because of more insolation. But in winter, the skin will become more white. Therefore, the use of concealer should change with the seasons to adjust color.
makeup3. Most women would like to use fingers to make up. But in fact, stucco can help you put liquid foundation smoother. But when you’ve painted a makeup, you can use a sponge to change the makeup in case of breaking the makeup.
makeup4. When you want to draw the lip color more bright and make the effect more prominent, you can use liquid foundation to obscure the original lip color, and then to color with lipstick or lip gloss.
makeup5. Draw the needed to brighten position with high light pen before using liquid foundation, the effect will be more natural. Tory Jensen attaches great importance to the brightening of the nose part, so it can make the face look more natural and stereoscopic.
makeup6. Moistening the foundation brush and sponge first before using them, and then the effect of liquid foundation will be particularly natural.
makeup7. If possible, try to avoid using the powder unless you remove lots of oil at first, or they will soak up your skin oil. Tory Jensen definitely does not recommend you to use powder. It will make your makeup look fake. Only T zone can be completely coated with a small amount of makeup powder.

Latest Bag Trend in Fall

Latest bag trend suggests that it is not as fast changing as a dress but still can make an influence. Fashionable bags, as a significant part of your accessories, will absolutely affect your whole image. Meanwhile, it is obvious that it has the ability to create a fashionable outcome or it can become the most important illumination of your whole outfit. If you want to become a modern fashion person, you should, of course, catch up with the latest bag trend in fall.
fashion bagsThere are several trendy bags which are making an impact in the minds of the customer. Chic bags such as roomy bags or tiny bags, clutches or shoulder bags, leather bags or printed bags, are worth mentioning for their wide popularity. Different sizes, uses, textures, patterns as well as colors can determine the fate or the popularity of a certain style of a bag. On the one hand, you can polish up your whole image and enjoy convenience with a fashionable bag. On the other hand, fashionable bags bring out the personality of a person especially a woman. Latest bag trend in fall shows that large handbags in the shape of rectangle, oval, square or hexagon are in while small size handbag in bright color and detail chain is a perfect selection for any formal event.
fashion bagsAlso, when it comes to the use of the bags, latest bag trend in fall implies that you can try out the shoulder bags with unique looks, such as leather bags of the classic color. Clutch bag is another fashionable stuff suitable for day to day activities, especially for women. It is a pretty good complement to your dress worn to evening parties.
fashion bagsIn terms of color, there are numerous colorful bags available in the market. Any color you can imagined can appear in bags. Latest bag trend in fall indicates that most of the people are opting for colored bags and are seeking for a neutral color that gives a breath of freshness. Among all the shades, black and brown are the most favorite for both women and men. Also, bright colors like yellow and orange are popular among young and modern women.
fashion bags

Popular Nail Colors for Fall

Distinctively colored nails can add brilliance to one’s whole image. As for those fashion women who are fond of coloring their nails, changing the nail color regularly or frequently and choosing the suitable color according the stylish trend and personal taste are two of their focuses of attention. With the approaching of fall, some hot nail colors like pink may no longer be the right shade for the season. Thus, it is time to welcome popular nail colors for fall.
You can choose any color and type of nail colors that best expresses your creativity and fits your fashion needs. Meanwhile, you also have to take the seasonal fashion colors into consideration. Here are five picks for the most popular five nail colors for fall, which will definitely go great with all that layering we’re going to do.
Orange nail colorsFall orange
Some of you may ask–what the hell is fall orange? Admittedly, orange, as a nail color, is rare to see. However, orange is a symbol of fall as its typical color. This still bright, yet slightly burnt orange will be all the rage this fall, which can match well with brown boots and chunky sweaters.
Amethyst nail colorsAmethyst
Nothing is more alluring than a deep purple in fall. Just rock this color with long or short nails. There are tons of diverse amethyst colors out there, so try any one from lighter to darker.
Deep blood red nail colorsDeep Reds
A slight spin on the oxblood that was trendy last year while for this season, you would better prepare a couple of deep reds for yourself. They’re so romantic that they can bring love and feminine to you. They can even go with any outfit and enhance your fall makeup colors.
Mint green nail colorsMossy greens
The mossy green has taken over emerald’s administration in the fall. Try grassier greens with gray influences and they really match well with with fall neutrals.
Glitter nail colorsGlitter
Glitter is one of the statement nail trends in summer, but it is also look great and popular in fall. Such a shining color is especially hot for party time and game days. Glitter can always give you vigor and splendor.

Seven Consummate Styles of Bangs

Fresh and cool fall is approaching, and now it is high time for bangs to come back! Different styles of bangs can endow someone with different temperament, cute, sweet, sexy or intellectual. In a word, whether you have a bang or not has an important influence on your hairstyle as well as your whole image. Hairstyles that incorporate bangs are popping up among celebrities . Here are seven consummate styles of bangs with durable power of staying beauty from which every woman can find certain style that suits her best.
Side Swept BangsSide swept
Side swept is a flawless style of bang for heart-shaped face. It matters which side your bangs are swept. In addition, the length of side swept bangs also has something to do with the effect. So, side swept bangs may be versatile if you dealing with them well.
Straight BangsStraight
The most classic style od bangs is straight bang. Its popularity among the hairstyle beauty world is timeless. Also, the length of straight bangs influences the effect of hairstyle. Short straight bangs are infrequent while straight bangs that reach to the eyebrow or approach the lash are popular.
lash brazingLash grazing
Lash grazing bangs is actually a kind of straight bangs with its length close to the lash. They are perfect for a long face, effect differently with your facial makeup and attire. It can make you look sweet, muggy, sexy or rustic.
piecey bangsPiecey
Piecey bangs are relatively casual and free style of bangs. Its beauty and charm lies in mess and disorder. Change them at ease and make you look nice any way the fall. To be the most carefree side of you!
grown out bangGrown out
Grown out bangs are featured that blending bangs into the rest of someone’s hair. With such effect, they are expected to create a tapered look so as to modify your facial shape. You will be elegant with them.
rounded bangsRounded fringe
Rounded fringe is ideal for square face and its most suitable length is just below the brow and taper down to your cheekbones. Also its modification effect of square face is amazing.
Parted BangsParted
Center-parted bangs look great on oval-shaped faces. Such a bold style of bangs may be a little bit lofty,so you can collocate it with wispy pieces to frame your face.