Choose Right Hats To Fit Your Face Shape

Hat is an accessory that plays both aesthetic and practical roles. A hat can be a perfect accessory to avoid sunstrokes but lots of women prefer not to wear it because they believe none of hat styles can look good on them. But I want to say that all women can look good in a hat if it is chosen correctly. So I will offer you many tips to help you choose the style of a hat that will fit your face shape and make you look stunning.
1. Oval Face
If you have an oval-shaped face, well, you are very lucky as you will look stunning in almost all hat shapes and styles. And you can wear your hat in a variety of ways. Don it forward, backward or tilted to the side – all versions will be flattering. The only hat you should avoid is the one with crowns narrower than the cheekbones.
2. Heart Face
Heart-shaped faces are also pretty versatile when it comes to choosing and wearing hats. Try berets, cloches and hats with medium-length brims to balance out your facial features.
3. Round Face
In order to flatter your face shape, you can select hats with wide brims such as fedoras, cowboy and sun hats. The best way to wear such hats is with a slight slant. You’d better avoid wearing hats with low crowns and small brims.
4. Oblong Face
Oblong-faced girls should stay away from square hats as those tend to elongate the face. Instead try hats with a medium or low crown. Wide brims could be a great option as well, because they balance the vertical length of a long face. Hats with bows, flowers or other ornamentations will make you look stunning.
5. Square Face
The best style of a hat for square faces is the one with wide brims. Another possible choice is a hat with lots of curves. Square-shaped hats are to avoid.

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